Our Rates

  • Option 1
    One person                                                            Price: $400.00 Pesos
    large room
    private bathroom
  • Option 2
    Two persons                                                          Price: $500.00 Pesos
    large room
    private bathroom
  • Option 3
    Three persons                                                       Price: $600.00 Pesos
    large room
    private bathroom

Additional Persons

Additional people, including small children:
$100.00 Pesos each.


Winter is perhaps the best time to visit Oaxaca City. Winter is the dry season: expect sunny warm days, and usually only a slight chill at night.

Especially popular times to visit are around Dias de Los Muertos, and the Christmas Holidays. Be sure to book ahead for these festive times in Oaxaca.

Please understand that the room of your choice may not be available. If possible, make your reservation as far ahead as possibe to assure your first choice of room(s).

Also, it is easiest for the hotel staff if you request your rooms by option. (For example, “Please reserve option 3 for December 1, 2, and 3.”)